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How CauseBooks works.

CauseBooks works with ecommerce affiliate programs. That means if you buy a textbook, we get a commision on the sale. CauseBooks will then automatically split that commision with a charitable organization, in this case the Yale School of Management Internship Fund which helps Yale MBA students work in low- or non-paying internships for not-for-profit organizations.

If you like to buy new books, CauseBooks is for you. No question. It's a no brainer. Do what you were going to do anyway... but help a good cause as you go.

If you like to buy used books, consider using CauseBooks as well. You can typically find good prices through Amazon's secondary market. (Click on an individual link off the homepage, then look for "New and Used from..." on Amazon.) CauseBooks will still get a commission, and we'll still split it with the Internship Fund. Just be careful! Sometimes it takes a while for things to be delivered from the secondary market.

If you get free books from a former student, awesome! It's green. It's cheap. CauseBooks can't help you there. But you could consider donating some of the money you saved to a charitable organization you care about, like the Internship Fund.

It's as simple as that! Do what you normally do: buy your textbooks... and we'll make a difference for the Internship Fund.